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Ethical Evaluation Tools

Talking the talk at the Board to walk the talk in Governance.

Business Problem:
Board was sharply split, potentially compromising a major destiny decision for the publicly traded company.

To create a more constructive culture and embed dialogue skills which would allow expressions of disagreement without paralyzing decision-making.

  1. Board Performance Evaluation
  2. Peer Review
  3. One-to-one Consultation with Directors
  4. Strategy & Values Workshop
CEO Input:
  • Created the Board Performance and Peer review Questionnaire.
  • Tabulated results and provided confidential feedback to each Director.
  • Formulated the agenda for bridging strategy and values.
  • Created “cross-schism” teams to address sub-committee responsibilities.
  • Counseled on proper and fair removal of recalcitrant Director.
  • Set criteria for Director recruitment.
The decision log-jam was broken. As the solutions from this evaluation exercise largely reflected the wisdom and good judgment of the majority of Directors, the Board became more confident in its choices, and more demanding of individual members.

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