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Forging Ethical Board Principles

Practicing governance accountability by defining the ethical operational responsibilitiy.

Business Problem:
Board was continuously reacting to unexpected ethical issues. Without wanting to interfere in operations, Board members wanted to more formally define ethical guidelines and disciplines for managers.

To embed a proactive ethical evaluation and control system that managers could apply throughout the planning, development, implementation and distribution flow of projects.

  1. Expectations interviews with all Board members.
  2. Expectations and input interviews with managers and staff.
  3. Forensic evaluation of current processes and issues.
CEO Input:
  • Co-formulated key principles with the Board and senior managers.
  • Created a framework for operational implementation and monitoring.
  • Facilitated workshops for the Board and the management team.
  • Established questions and checklists to add to project initiation and management procedures.
A self-sustaining “ethics quality control” structure which:
  1. Respects the heritage and culture of the organization,
  2. Involves the participation and core competencies of staff,
  3. Allows the Board to exercise guidance,
  4. Assures the Board that key principles are being met,
  5. And provides criteria for suppliers, partners and new product development.

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