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Integrating Ethics With Strategy

Redefining the terms of professional performance, and sharpening competitive advantage, by addressing the accountability factors relevant to trust and integrity.

Business Problem:
Shrinking user base within an industry-wide drop in trust. Declining relevance for potential new users.

To establish a compelling fusion of expertise and accountability, building on heritage and core competencies while taking “responsible risks” to connect with priorities of users and non-users.

  1. Internal interviews to uncover untapped staff wisdom.
  2. External research to test various combinations of “expertise with ethics.”
  3. Formulation of key strategic building blocks for renewal, including:
    • Vision (operational aim with public purpose)
    • Value (basis for relationship with responsibility for trust)
    • Values (code for culture with embedded ethical obligations)
  4. List of tactical embellishments to prove the strategic premise.
  5. Workshop and evaluation tools for staff to self-administer renewal.
CEO Input:
  • Strategic analysis of research and environmental factors.
  • Trust and accountability audit within internal and external research.
  • Strategic Vision, Value and Values Plan.
  • Tactics plan to guide implementation.
  • Tools for on-going learning and decision-making.

Comprehensive premise for change, rooted in the needs of users and the aspirations of employees. The accountability premise now guides product and service evolution, provides a point of pride for the culture, and inspires criteria for innovation.

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