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A Values Filter for Finance

Shifting the accountability for financial decisions and reporting from the “thin” requirements of disclosure or compliance to the “thick” terms of fulfilling organizational values as well as strategy.

Business Problem:
A not-for-profit, faith-based organization struggled with the seemingly contradictory demands between fiscal disciplines and orienting principles.

To expand the understanding of the existing values structure, informing financial management to meet criteria for both public accountability and accountability to mission.

  1. Reflection on values through the prism of the Founder’s writings and example.
  2. Integration workshop to update principles and practices.
  3. Creation of a “Values in Action” protocol for finance.
  4. Inter-disciplinary workshop to test validity and implications.
  5. Learning and training session with finance practitioners.
CEO Input:
  • Historical review and implications formulation.
  • Managed workshops and training sessions.
  • Drafted the strategic Vision, Value and Values Plan for finance.
  • Created operational model for day-to-day values and ethics filter.

A more holistic corporate culture – more effective for the proper rigors in financial management, and more aligned to its visionary purpose for embedding integrity in all the operational disciplines.

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