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Implementation Through Values

Creating the operational capacities for staff to live the corporate values and create ethical solutions.

Business Problem:
Major changes in public policy direction and funding required radical consolidation of local services. Along with new criteria for performance, service providers and users needed to invent programs that met the terms of the policy and the needs of communities.

To create a consistent values structure for inspiring transformation and cooperation, and to serve as the foundation for decision-making and problem-solving.

  1. Policy-maker roundtable.
  2. Interviews with policy-makers, key service providers, and representative users.
  3. Local idea-generating workshops.
  4. Strategy and Values Plan.
  5. Introduction and Implementation.
  6. Follow-up lessons and Best Practices.
CEO Input:
  • Facilitation outline and interview questionnaire.
  • Lessons summary and implications from consultation and research.
  • Strategic Vision, Value and Values Plan.
  • Implementation tools.
  • Orientation workshops across the impacted regions.

Users who had the most to lose became receptive to innovation as they were seen, heard and respected throughout the process. The Values written in the language and terms expressed by users became the principle methodology for engaging in problem-solving. With their related ethics, values also became the criteria for monitoring the user experience and measuring success.

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