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Taking the pulse of trust in Canadian society, to gauge confidence towards public and private sector institutions, to discern patterns of trust and their implications, and to project requirements for replenishing the social capital needed to effectively tackle future social and economic challenges.

Business Problem:
Loss of strategic flexibility for the organization because of declining trust within society, among customers and with employees.

To establish trends and identify the levers and processes for addressing suspicion and renewing trust.

  1. An anthropological survey to frame language and understand symbols.
  2. Focus groups to extract qualitative impressions.
  3. Quantitative telephone survey to determine national scope and pattern.
  4. One-on-one interviews with 25 opinion leaders, including CEOs, heads of NGOs, and senior public servants.
CEO Input:
  • Project initiation and management.
  • Input to research methodology and questionnaires.
  • Interviews.
  • Data analysis and implications formulation.
  • Final report.
  • Workshops for presentation and implications development.
  1. Corporate input into reputation management and cultural ethics renewal.
  2. Public policy paper on social capital distributed to over 1,500 opinion leaders, executives and managers

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