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Integrity Manual

Creating a resource tool to help managers and staff operationalize a major integrity initiative aimed at improving service to clients while also improving reputation and brand equity.

Business Problem:
A corporate commitment to integrity without specific terms or reference points for staff to make the concrete changes necessary in day-to-day practices.

To make integrity a tangible variable in performance and outcomes.

  1. Senior management workshops to frame intent.
  2. Staff interviews to frame the status quo.
  3. Strategic planning to integrate ethics with values and strategy.
  4. Manual for staff learning and implementation.
CEO Input:
  • Framework to evaluate trust and integrity.
  • Input to research methodology and questionnaires.
  • Interviews and Workshops
  • Development of the Integrity Manual.

Broke the internal log-jam for implementation by addressing staff skepticism and providing practical inputs for currency and cohesion to this important but hard-to-define project. Became a filter for evaluating the impacts of new technology. Adopted by HR as a framework for employee engagement and development.

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